Professional Real Estate Legal Counsel in Charleston

Legal Representation for Real Estate Titles and Closings

The Law Office of Attorney James T. Cooper will assist you with successfully resolving your real estate-related legal issues including those associated with titles, closings, leases, and landlord-tenant issues. Our law office serves Charleston, WV residents by providing professional legal representation services including:

  • Assistance with Title Insurance
  • Counsel and Assist with Commercial Acquisitions
  • Drafting Lease & Rental Agreements
  • Handling Refinancing Transactions
  • Handling Closings on Residential & Commercial Real Estate Purchases
  • Performing Title Searches and Issuing Title Opinions & Commitments

Home Buyer and Seller Services

Legal Assistance for Home Buyers in Charleston, WV

The Law Office of Attorney James T. Cooper will competently guide you through the successful purchase of your new home in or around Charleston, West Virginia. Purchasing real estate can be a financially and legally complicated procedure for new and seasoned homebuyers. We will ensure that every pertinent issue is addressed and that you fully understand all of the legal aspects that are relevant to your purchase. We provide legal assistance to:

  • Ensure That You Understand and are Comfortable with the Terms of Your Sales Contract
  • Obtain Legal Protection Against Hidden Perils and Liabilities
  • Review Title, Mortgage, and Tax Documentation
  • Register Your Transaction with the Appropriate Authorities
  • Attend Your Closing to Represent Your Interests and Answer Any Questions That May Arise
  • Secure and Deliver Your Ownership Documentation

Attorney Cooper Protects the Interests of Home Sellers

Attorney James T. Cooper protects the interests of home sellers. He will:

  • Attend to Your Negotiations With the Buyer and Assist with Your Closing
  • Examine the Legal Language in Your Sales Agreement to Ensure that the Terms Properly Protect Your Financial Interests by Ensuring that the Purchase Price, Financial Obligations of Each Party, etc. are Accurate
  • Handle Any Title-Related Issues That May Arise

Our law office handles both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Landlord and Tenant Services

We Draft Quality Professional Lease Agreements

We draft professional lease rental agreements according to your specific needs and in accordance with local, state, and federal law. Rental leases must explicitly list the comprehensive range of duties and expectations that are required by both the landlord and the tenant. In their most basic form, leases protect the financial interests of the landlord against any potential destruction of the property or failure-to-pay by the tenant.

The lease guarantees that the tenant’s interest in utilizing the property as a residence will be secure for the duration of the lease. Many additional factors can be placed into the lease to protect both the landlord and tenant including provisions that:

  • List Conditions for Owning or Prohibitions Against Having Pets, Waterbeds, Aquariums, or Other Potentially Destructive Items in the Unit
  • Prohibit Illegal Activities from Occurring on the Premises Under Penalty of Immediate Eviction
  • Specify Who Will Maintain the Exterior of the Property
  • Stipulate a Security Deposit Against Damages

Attorney James T. Cooper will customize your lease rental agreement according to your specifications and will ensure that all provisions are legal and enforceable for your peace of mind.

Resolution of Landlord and Tenant Issues in Charleston

The Law Office of Attorney James T. Cooper assists landlords and tenants with the resolution of landlord and tenant issues and disputes in Charleston, West Virginia and surrounding areas. Our extensive knowledge of the state of West Virginia’s relevant landlord-tenant laws enables us to explain specifically how the law applies to your case to ensure an efficient resolution. Nearly every contingency has already been considered and it is simply a matter of having the law enforced for your particular situation. We will file suit to issue injunctions or have the issue enforced with law enforcement assistance if necessary.

Some of the most common landlord-tenant issues that we see regularly and achieve resolution for our clients include:

  • Eviction Proceedings
  • Housing Discrimination
  • Landlord’s Failure to Maintain the Property in a Livable Condition
  • Lockouts and Property Seizure
  • Protection Against Illegal Activity
  • Protection Against Retaliation
  • Rent Discrimination
  • Restitution for Damages by Tenants
  • Security Deposit Issues
  • Tenant’s Failure to Pay

The West Virginia Code of law regarding landlord-tenant law can be viewed here for your convenience.

If you believe that you may have a legal issue involving your landlord or tenant that cannot be amicably resolved by other means, contact the Law Office of James T. Cooper and we will assist you in obtaining an efficient and fair resolution: (304) 344-3542.